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Mold Will Thrive On Many Materials

When you find mold in your home or business , whether it is a small issue or a major issue, the mold needs remediated! Do not hesitate to call your local SERVPR... READ MORE

Mold Doesn't Ask For Much

Without a proper environmental control mold can become a serious issue in your home or business! Organic materials found inside a building, such as wood, paper,... READ MORE

Winter Weather Can Often Cause Water Damage

When the temperatures drop during a winter storm, it’s hard for pipes to stay warm. This can lead to frozen pipes that may burst. Signs of frozen pipes in... READ MORE

Community Venue Experienced Water and Mold Damage

Growing up attending community events was always such a treat! When SERVPRO of Henry and Randolph Counties received the call to assist in remediating mold found... READ MORE

Molded Wall in Closed Up Building

Buildings will often sit empty and unoccupied in our small community, waiting on their next owner or operator. But it is important to keep an eye on those build... READ MORE

Moldy Garage door is no match for SERVPRO

After discovering mold on a garage door, the owners of this home began to worry. They gave SERVPRO of Henry and Randolph Counties a call to assess the situation... READ MORE

Homeowners avoid costly remodeling costs after flood

In this flooding situation, the water damage could have ruined the carpet, requiring that it be replaced at great expense. Before the family gave up hope and re... READ MORE

Facility floor flooded, SERVPRO made it "Like it never even happened"

During a heavy downpour, groundwater poured into a facility causing the lowest level to flood. Some areas of the basement looked as though they had not been tou... READ MORE

Water damage strikes basement

Water damage struck this basement leaving significant damage, mold and sludge, while also ruining the contents. In order to begin the restoration, process the S... READ MORE

SERVPRO helps homeowners after storm floods basement

Following a very vicious storm, a client’s basement totally flooded leaving their belongings floating around like tugboats. Unsure if the situation was sa... READ MORE